Accommodation is an crucial aspect of your journey when you are traveling India for medical healthcare purpose. Your comfortable and suitable staying need is equally important for having hassle free treatment procedure, especially when you are away from your native place.
We at Boundaries No More comprehend your every necessities, thus come across with the pro-active solution so that you can only focus on your treatment and for rest of the thing you can truly count on us.
We help you to select and book a hotel room or an apartment as per your requisition located within the vicinity or walking distance from your medical hospital or centre. We also make sure that the accommodation suggested to you should be in safe, secure as well as neat and clean environment.
Some other issues that are take care by our team include as such:
  • The booking of hotel or room as per your budget.
  • Accommodation for you and your family members/relatives who are with you as an attendant.
  • Arrange in-patient ward at medical centre including your relatives, in case you are here for surgery or lengthy treatment procedure where regular and thorough supervision of physician requires.
  • Proper arrangement of transportation in case you stay away from the hospital and clinic.
We are an authentic medical tour and healthcare service provider in India who ensures world class care is provided to you with great support services of accommodation and convenient transportation. It is regardless to say that the cost of accommodation and transport depend on the hotel class, ward facilities, duration of stay and mode & class of transportation.