Follow Up

When the patient is treated completely and goes back to their country, we keep in touch with the patient through our comprehensive follow up program. The whole idea is to be there for you, in case you need any assistance after you returned to your home country.
In many cases, it has been observed that patient requires assistance regarding exchange of information regarding their medical treatment and procedure for various reasons and purposes, in their own country. Under such condition, the follow up services can impart great assistance to the patient back in their country.
The follow up features may include:
  • Provide online consultancy for the patient outside India so that they can remain in touch with the doctor after the treatment is over and ask their queries, if any later on.
  • Email conversation on a regular basis, in order to keep in touch with the doctor
  • Arranging calls between the doctors of respective country in case of emergency
  • Let the patient be informed about the follow up camp going to be held in their country