Pre-Arrival Services

Effective and efficient planning for treatment is the most significant and major part of your medical tour in India. It is one of the integral part of our pre-arrival services which drastically saves your valuable time, costs and so much hardship while you are here for your health cause.
Through this effort, we at Boundaries No More make sure that most of your essential formalities and thorough blueprint regarding treatment and its procedure will be accomplished and finalize till the time you arrive in India. Thereafter, all you just need to do is to choose and decide the doctors and hospital which is best fit for your treatment. In addition, your proper accommodation, transportation and tourism is also included in our pre-arrival services.
A successful planning always leads towards great results. Thus, the features of our pre-arrival services comprise. 
  • Detailed information about the treatment based on condition, severity and stage of the disease and ailment.
  • Information which assist you to choose the best possible treatment for you, right from the beginning of appointment and consultation with the doctor to full medical treatment.
  • Sending  the detailed about previously observed & clinical reports to various doctors and hospital for pre-treatment assessment.
  • Procuring doctor's evaluation and insight to the patients
  • Insurance assistance if required
  • Assist in arranging the Medical Visa also in discharging paperwork for Medical Visa and Treatment according to the law of both the country.
  • Our pre-arrival services involve providing you approximate and estimated number of stay a patient needed, both inside and outside the hospital.
  • Airport pick up and hotel booking pre-arrangement
  • Detail about tourism and site seeing of some exhilarating places in India
We are there for you even before when you are yet to begin your proceeding. This is what makes us different from others.